C-Sections only when medically necessary

According to a new report by the World Health Organization, 33% of women in United States give birth via c-section, while the ideal rate should be only 10% to 15%. This new report concludes that:


1. Caesarean sections are effective in saving maternal and infant lives, but only when they are required for medically indicated reasons.

2. At population level, caesarean section rates higher than 10% are not associated with reductions in maternal and newborn mortality rates.

3. Caesarean sections can cause significant and sometimes permanent complications, disability or death particularly in settings that lack the facilities and/or capacity to properly conduct safe surgery and treat surgical complications. Caesarean sections should ideally only be undertaken when medically necessary.

4. Every effort should be made to provide caesarean sections to women in need, rather than striving to achieve a specific rate.

5. The effects of caesarean section rates on other outcomes, such as maternal and perinatal morbidity, pediatric outcomes, and psychological or social well-being are still unclear. More research is needed to understand the health effects of caesarean section on immediate and future outcomes."


When cesarean births are medically necessary, we should be grateful for the lives saved, and we should support moms and babies recovering.

When cesarean births are not medically necessary, we should find out WHY this is happening, and decide if we want to do nothing, or if we want to be part of a change.


Before giving birth...


- Educate yourself

- Ask the right questions

- Find the right caregiver

- Surround yourself with people who share your values, stay away from people who judge you.

- Keep asking questions

- Be strong

- Speak out






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