Holiday Gift Guide for the Birthing and Breastfeeding Mother

November 26, 2014

MamAmor Guift Guide 2014 Horizontal   1- Gift Cards Set by Amanda Greavette A beautiful set of greeting cards perfect for giving as a set for the birth lovers in your life!  The cards come in a set of 5, each with a different image, and can be used to pen thank you's, a thoughtful note, or congratulations. 2- Ancient Fire Goddess Finger Labyrinth by MandalaJorneyAmy These labyrinths can be used as a meditation and relaxation tool during pregnancy and birth. When you follow the path with your finger and are mindful of your breath it activates your right brain. The right brain is the same state as when you labor and give birth, so practising this even during pregnancy can help prepare you for birth. 3- Labor Positions Guide by Plumtree Baby A Quick-Reference Pocket Guide features 24 full-color photos of positions for labor and birth in a compact wire-bound book. Photos feature positions and techniques for: back labor, speeding up labor, getting resting, positioning the baby and productive pushing. The positions are sorted and color-coded by categories for easy reference and include tips and comfort suggestions. 4- Soothing Nipple Fix by Matraea Trading Ltd. Made with soothing Calendula and nourishing organic Shea Butter, this balm will comfort and protect cracked, sore nipples. Formulated for midwives, this lanolin-free, soothing nipple balm is safe for baby. No need to wash if off before nursing. 5- Washable Nursing Pads by Bamboobies Breastfeeding is beautiful – leaks and lines are not!  Regular Bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are unique because they don’t show through or leak through like other washable pads. Ultra-thin, heart-shaped regular pads are made for light leaking. 6- MyRoo Tube by KangaWear Design Kangaroo Care is a special way of holding your baby skin-to-skin which provides many health benefits. MyRoo Tube is designed to help your baby remain comfortably in correct position. It is seamless and simple to use without the need for buttons, buckles, zippers, Velcro, or ties. This intuitive design lets you simply slip the garment on – just like a tube-top – and place baby inside. MyRoo Tube is light weight and breathable. The fabric is flexible enough to allow relaxation without pressure points to you or your baby. MyRoo Tube is made for full term and preterm babies and can also be used to assist with breastfeeding. 7- Birth Ball Cover by Your Doula Bag These ball covers make carrying your birth ball a breeze.  Keep it on during labor or just use it for transporting the ball, you choose. Our ball covers are made with super cute material.  The ball cover can be easily removed by untying the drawstring. Clean up is a breeze because exercise ball covers are machine washable! 8- MamAmor Minis by MamAmor Dolls The Minis are the new addition to the MamAmor family, they are a simplified version of the MamAmor Classic doll.  MamAmor Minis can give birth and breastfeed their little babies. They don't have snaps, cords or loose parts. They are perfect for toddlers and new siblings and a unique gift for a doula, a midwife or a friend's baby shower.