2015 Conference/Show Schedule for MamAmor Dolls

March 01, 2015

Showing off our dolls at Birthing and Breastfeeding conferences allows us to meet amazing people- big and small, who become our friends forever!

This year, we have this tentative list:

Little friend of MamAmor in Eugene, Oregon


1- Midwifery Today Conference - March 18th to 24th 2015-  Eugene, Oregon 

2- ACNM - American College of Nurse Midwives - June 28th to July 1st 2015-  Washington DC - CONFIRMED

3- ILCA - International Lactation Consultant Association  - July 22nd to 25th 2015- Washington DC

4- MANA - Midwives Alliance of North America- Oct. 15th to 18th, 2015-  Albuquerque. 

5- CAM - Canadian Association of Midwives - Nov. 4th to 6th 2015 - Quebec, CA

6- Baby and Family Fair - November 21st and 22nd 2015-  Vancouver, CA 

7- Birth Psychology Congress- Dec. 3rd to 6th - Berkeley, CA


We might not make it to all, but we hope so.  

Will you be at any of these? We would love to meet you.