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November 08, 2010


Thanks everyone for participating in this great giveaway!!!

The winner is Beth, comment #20
Congratulations Beth!!!!

As promised...and in celebration of MamAmor's new website...and our 2000+ Facebook friends, here is another GIVEAWAY!

This gorgeous mama could have been sold in a flash...but instead....she could be yours! She was made with a lot of love and I hope she finds an amazing new home! You can see more pictures of this sweet mama in MamAmor's Facebook page.

I hope you appreciate the effort made to give this doll to you for free, she is a real piece of art and she deserves a great owner, so I decided to create some rules to ensure that ONLY people that are REALLY interested in owning a MamAmor Doll will enter this giveaway.

TO ENTER, I need you to commit to 3 things:

1) You will need to refer MamAmor's new website to your friends, or to people whom might love these dolls. Please don't refer just to anyone, pick the right person, I am not interested in having 10.000 Facebook friends that don't really care about my dolls.

2) You will be expected to pay for the shipping costs for the doll to get to you, I'll let you know the rate to your location. Only shipping, the Doll is FREE.

3) Leave a comment on this blog, that will be YOUR ENTRY.

Contest ends in two weeks, NOVEMBER 8TH at 8PM (MST).



Catching Up!

October 21, 2010


It has been a while since the last post....Can you guess why?

Yes, it is true...I am a terrible blogger!...but aside from my blogging limitations, I have been extremely busy making dolls that by now are living all over the world!!! This year has been fantastic for MamAmor!! We are growing very fast and it is hard to keep up with all the news!!!

First of all, THANK YOU for all the Custom Orders! I am overwhelmed with the amount of orders I received in the last few weeks... I had to say no more orders for Christmas at the end of September! I have never been this busy before... I am loving it!

The new website has been a big hit, visited by now by way more people that I ever imagined! Thank you for the great comments about the site and especially the music, I didn't know that there were so many music lovers out there...for the non music can turn the music off...I still love you!

September, October and November are show, trade show and conference months, and of course, MamAmor were, and will be at many of them this year!

The Vancouver Island Baby Fair in Victoria was great, it is always wonderful to be by the ocean for a few days, and visiting family and old friends was a bonus!

The Lamaze Conference in Milwaukee was also great, what was not great was MamAmor's booth there, as it was almost empty...most of you know by know the lost luggage story! Oh well...the luggage is still lost...who knows where my 12 sweet mamas are now???? I still hope that they will find their way home...

I am glad I was an exhibitor at the CAM Conference in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago! What a lovely bunch of midwives! Almost sold out and met great people!

Looking forward to two more exhibitions this year....Nov. 5th to 7th is the CAPPA Conference in Calgary, I am hoping to be able to make enough dolls to take there...I haven't started yet!

And to end this fantastic year, MamAmor will be exhibiting at the Weestock 2010 Holiday Edition this Nov. 20th here in Edmonton, stop by for a great Christmas shopping!

You all know that I have been OUT of stock for a while now....Looking and finding help to make the dolls hasn't been easy, you know how particular I am about my dolls, I want them all to be made with lots of love and respect for what they stand for. I am VERY happy with the current team- Thanks so much mamas!...., and happier this week that I'll start training a new mama tomorrow!

There is no doubt that all this is a LOT of work; adjusting to the new work load has been a challenge for me and my family, although a good challenge I would say! I feel very lucky to have such an amazing and supportive family, especially my husband, who aside from working full time and making the most amazing meals ever, he still finds the time to take the kids out to do fun things so I can have a few extra hours of work...ALWAYS leaving and coming back with a smile!!

GIVEAWAY!!!! Yes!!! GIVEAWAY!!!! I keep saying that we have so celebrate so many things...the new website and the +2350 Facebook friends to start with.....just give me a few more days to make a special Giveaway mama...I'll announce it soon... This time the Giveaway won't be in FB but here in this blog!!

So...Came back soon!

MamAmor's new website is up!

I am so happy that this project is finally completed, it has been a dream for along time, and it is amazing seeing it here!!!

Stop by and check it out, you'll find great pictures of mamas and babies, information on who we are, what the dolls can do, and you can even buy dolls online!

So excited to announce that MamAmor's first website is on the go!!! I don't have a launching date yet but come back here often...or visit MamAmor's Facebook Page for updates!

Now, you'll get to see several pictures of the dolls, you'll learn about them and their beginnings, and you'll get to buy them directly from the site!

Here is the web there will go LIVE very soon!!!

MamAmor Dolls is giving again!

This contest is open to any worldwide organization that supports Natural-Normal birth practices, Breastfeeding, Babywearing and/or Attachment parenting.

Nominate your organization and enter to win this gorgeous MamAmor Doll!!!

Go to MamAmor's Facebook Page for more information!

I am so exited to announce that this fall will be an amazing time for MamAmor Dolls!!! We'll be participating in three different conferences and one show, where you can come and get to meet MamAmor Dolls in person!!

We'll start in Victoria, BC, exhibiting our dolls at the Vancouver Island Baby Fair from September 25th to 26th. If you live in Vancouver Island, don't miss this opportunity and come to visit!

We'll continue traveling east, visiting Milwakee, MI, where we'll be exhititing at Lamaze - ICEA 50th Aniversary Mega Conference, from September 30th to October 3rd.

In a flash...we'll have to come back home to Edmonton and get ready for the 2010 CAM Conference from October 6th to October 8th, where we'll also be exhibiting our dolls.

And to give a great end to a such an amazing tour, we'll be visiting our next door city Calgary, where we'll be exhibitors at the 2010 CAPPA Canada Conference from November 5th to 7th.

Wow...what a busy season!!!! But what a great opportunity to show and share these beautiful mamas!! The word is out there....Come and visit us, I'll be so glad to see you!


Another Doll Giveaway is on the way! This time is only for people living in Canada and the deadline is May 31rst. Thanks to Tracey from Birth Source for the Mompreneur featuring! Check Birth Source Inc. to read the newsletter and for details on how to enter!

MamAmor will be in Red Deer next weekend- May 8th and 9th- for the Celebrating Mothers La Leche League Conference Looking forward to showing off my lovely dolls! Working on making more.... it has been a challenge to keep up with my stock!

Thank you for all the Mother's Day orders! I look forward to completing all of them in the next few weeks! I've never been so busy!!!

  • Made with a lot of attention to detail and using environmentally friendly materials,
  • A very unique toy for children and expecting families,
  • A wonderful aid to demonstrate normal, natural birth, breastfeeding and bonding,
  • A great educational tool for birthing and breastfeeding professionals,
  • A fantastic toy for Play therapy and for Sibling Preparation!
Custom MamAmor dolls are available. Create your own personalized doll. Your hair, freckles, glasses, skin color, eye color...

Slings, diaper bags and other accesories are also available.

Find them in and

We are also in Facebook

The second Facebook Doll Giveaway is on its way!!! To enter, go to my Facebook page here. and leave a comment on the "Discussions" tab.

Deadline is April 11th at 5PM (MST)...So hurry!!!!

Here she is...