MamAmor Mini CELINA

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This beautiful mama doll is an original MamAmor Mini Doll. She is a simplified version of the MamAmor Classic Doll.

This doll can give birth, and breastfeed her little one. She doesn't have snaps, cords or loose parts. She is perfect for little toddlers!

This doll was made of cotton interlock and filled with fiberfill. Wool was used for her hair and cotton fabrics for her dress.

She comes with a baby carrier. Her baby comes inside a fabric pocket matching mama's dress.

Mama doll is 13 inches long, baby doll is 3 inches long.

She comes with a birth certificate.

Important shipping information:

*Ships in 24-48 hours.
*To Canada and US, ships with tracking number
*To Europe, Australia and anywhere else, ships with no tracking number. For shipping internationally with tracking number please contact us at for a quote.


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