Midwife Doll LIZ

This Midwife Doll is an original 18 inches MamAmor doll.

She can be a wonderful gift for Midwives starting their careers, graduating, partnering with other Midwives, or/and celebrating themselves as Birth Workers.

This doll does not give birth or breastfeed. 

This Midwife Doll comes with a set of Midwife Accessories that include:

- Midwife doll size bag 

- Doll size Pinard

- Doll size Maternal Pads

- Doll size Measuring tape

- Doll size Mesh panties

- Doll size (fake) Arnica tablets

- Doll size Mirror

- Doll size fabric scale sling

Ships in 48 hours.

If you have any questions, email us at info@mamamordolls.com 


Collections: Doll Doula/Midwife Dolls

Type: Unknown Type

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