VBAC MamAmor doll LUNA

"FABULOUS! ADDICTED TO BUYING THESE DOLLS! These dolls are amazing, beautiful, and perfect for teaching! I've given minis and baby dolls to my daughter and granddaughter. They love playing with them and loving the babies. My office has many dolls in it and I get questions about them all the time. I love using the dolls for sibling, child birth, lactation and baby wearing classes. Wonderful investment! Highly recommended for educators and gifting. Amazing customer service!" Jessica Robinson 

This doll is a one of a kind- original MamAmor doll. She gives birth and breastfeeds her newborn baby. She is a VBAC mama, and she can also demonstrate a cesarean birth.

She was made using top quality cotton interlock for skin, fiberfill for filling, and merino yarn for her gorgeous hair. Her baby comes with cord and placenta, cloth diaper and a receiving blanket.


  • Mama doll 
  • baby doll
  • blanket and diaper for baby doll
  • doll nursing dress
  • doll flower hair clip 
  • doll baby carrier
  • doll shoes 
  • Birth Certificate

Mother doll is 18 inches tall (46cm) - Baby is 5 inches tall (13cm)

*Suitable for children 3 years old and up as the set has small parts.




Type: Dolls