As promised...and in celebration of MamAmor's new website...and our 2000+ Facebook friends, here is another GIVEAWAY!

This gorgeous mama could have been sold in a flash...but instead....she could be yours! She was made with a lot of love and I hope she finds an amazing new home! You can see more pictures of this sweet mama in MamAmor's Facebook page.

I hope you appreciate the effort made to give this doll to you for free, she is a real piece of art and she deserves a great owner, so I decided to create some rules to ensure that ONLY people that are REALLY interested in owning a MamAmor Doll will enter this giveaway.

TO ENTER, I need you to commit to 3 things:

1) You will need to refer MamAmor's new website to your friends, or to people whom might love these dolls. Please don't refer just to anyone, pick the right person, I am not interested in having 10.000 Facebook friends that don't really care about my dolls.

2) You will be expected to pay for the shipping costs for the doll to get to you, I'll let you know the rate to your location. Only shipping, the Doll is FREE.

3) Leave a comment on this blog, that will be YOUR ENTRY.

Contest ends in two weeks, NOVEMBER 8TH at 8PM (MST).



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