8 Tips for Fast Episiotomy Healing

episiotomy healing


An episiotomy is not a procedure that a woman who is trying to give birth vaginally would generally request, it usually happens unexpectedly. When it happens, it’s very important that she takes proper healing measures.  

Here are some tips for fast episiotomy healing:

1- HAVE A WARM BATH with a few drops of lavender oil (if you believe in the healing properties of lavender, and if you are not allergic, of course). Have sitz baths several times per day (A sitz bath is where a person sits in water up to the hips - it is used to relieve discomfort and pain).  After a shower or bath, make sure the wound is completely dry before you get dressed.  

2- USE A SQUIRT BOTTLE with warm water every time you go to the bathroom. Never wipe, only pat dry.  

3- DO NOT SIT TOO MUCH, and do not walk around too much either. Laying down is usually the best position to be at for the first days.  

4- EXPOSE the area to air as much as possible.  It might be difficult to avoid wearing sanitary pads right after birth, do what you can.  

5- DRINK lots of water and eat a diet high in fiber to avoid constipation.  

6- TAKE arnica tablets if you believe in homeopathy, they are used to treat bruising, muscular strains, wounds and swelling.  

7- AVOID having sex for four to six weeks and/or until your health care provider tells you that you are ok to do so.  

8- GET PLENTY of rest, sleep when your baby sleeps if you can, and watch out for signs of infection or/and developing fever.  

If you have other suggestions to help episiotomy healing, please share them with us by posting here in comments. Thank you.

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