1) Where can I purchase a MamAmor Doll?

MamAmor dolls and accessories can be purchased at MamAmor’s SHOP.  

2) Can I order a doll with blue eyes, brown hair, and freckles?

We are not offering custom dolls at this time. Try Personalize a doll HERE

3) How do you set the price for each doll?

Each doll is different and unique so prices vary from doll to doll. The price reflects not only the materials but also the work put into making them. MamAmor Dolls are 100% handcrafted and they can take up to 15 hours each to be completed. They are made with costly fabrics and they are filled with good quality fillings.They are double sewn to ensure durability.

4) How often do you upload new dolls?

Uploads are usually weekly during busy seasons (Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc) and bi-weekly during lower times (usually summer months). Visit our FACEBOOK page for updates on when new dolls are coming to the shop and subscribe to our Newsletter below to be the first one to know about special uploads and much more. 


5) What is your return policy?

If you don’t like your doll, you can send her back and we’ll refund you for the entire price of the doll, except for shipping cost. Doll needs to be in the same condition that it was sent, no refund on used dolls. There is a $25 re stock charge as well.

6) My toddler pulled hair from our doll, can you fix her hair?

Yes, we can fix hair or anything else wrong with the manufacturing of your doll -free of charge; you will only need to pay shipping costs.

7) Can I order extra clothes or accessories for my doll?

Yes, you can purchase ready to go clothes and/or accessories from the SHOP.  Contact us for details on options and prices.

8) How much is shipping and how do I pay for it before you send my doll?

Shipping prices vary. This is an average for some countries, for 7-10 working days delivery time: Canada – From $15 to  $20 (depending on the province) US- From $23 to  $25 (depending on the state) UK and rest of Europe- From  $36 Australia – From $38 - We offer free shipping from time to time. 

Watch this video about how we ship our dolls.

9) Do you wholesale?

Yes, please visit this page for more information.

10) Can you make other family members?

Yes!  PapAmor, kids and nursing toddlers are sometimes available at the shop. Contact us for more information.

11) Do you trade dolls for other products?

Sorry, no trades.

12) Can you donate a doll to our organization?

Giving back is very important and it has been part of MamAmor Dolls since its beginnings. We have donated several dolls to different organizations in the past and we will continue to do so, but unfortunately, we cannot donate a doll to every organization that requests one. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to create a doll, so we hope you understand that doll donations are very limited.

13) What is a VBAC doll?

A VBAC doll is a doll that can give birth vaginally and via cesarean. VBAC dolls are great to demonstrate both types of births. Mothers who have had a cesarean or more and are trying to have a VBAC with the next baby choose VBAC dolls to show their children how they were born, and how the new baby will be born.

Read this for more information about VBAC dolls

14) What is the difference between Breastfeeding ONLY and Birthing dolls?

Breastfeeding ONLY dolls weren't made to give birth, only to breastfeed. They don’t have an opening for the birth, and the baby doesn't come with placenta and cord. Breastfeeding ONLY dolls have snaps on the doll’s breast and on the baby’s mouth to demonstrate breastfeeding.

15) What is the difference between the MamAmor classic and the MamAmor Mini?

MamAmor Classic dolls are bigger and have more details. Their babies come with placenta,cord, snap on mouth for breastfeeding and diaper and blanket. Mothers have round breasts with snaps for breastfeeding, they have knitted shoes and flower clips.  MamAmor Minis are smaller and have less details on breasts and body. Babies don't have placenta and cord, but they come in a small pouch matching the mother's dress. MamAmor Minis come with slings, MamAmor Classic don't.

To learn more about this, watch this video: