Midwife Doll + Accessories (Option 1)

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This Midwife Doll is an original 18 inches MamAmor doll.

She can be a wonderful gift for Midwives starting their careers, graduating, partnering with other Midwives, or/and celebrating themselves as Birth Workers.

This doll does not give birth or breastfeed. 

This Midwife Doll comes with a Midwife tee/pants set, shoes, and a set of Midwife Accessories that include:

- Midwife doll size bag 

- Doll size Pinard

- Doll size Maternal Pad

- Doll size Measuring tape

- Doll size Mesh panties

- Doll size (fake) Arnica tablets

- Doll size Mirror

- Doll size fabric scale sling (color might vary from picture)


Ships in 48 hours (with some exceptions).

If you are in the USA, please know that we ship to your destination only once a week. Thanks for your patience.

 *only the featured doll is included.


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