About Us

Our story


Welcome! I'm excited to tell you the heartwarming story of how MamAmor Dolls was created. In 2007, while I - Adriana - was pregnant with my third child and studying to become a Birth Doula, I came across a handmade birthing doll during one of my classes. I was so intrigued by it that I decided to create my own! My first attempt wasn't very good looking, but it was a great teaching tool for my older children to prepare them for the upcoming birth. That's when I decided to make more dolls to use in my Doula practice.

In 2008, after many changes to the original pattern and many hours deciding on a name, MamAmor Dolls was officially born! Thanks to the support and encouragement of my Doula colleagues and my family, I started to bring the dolls to Parenting, Birthing, and Breastfeeding events and conferences, and the business began to flourish.



As a Birth Doula and a mother of three, I'm passionate about birth and sharing this passion with parents and educators. I believe that birth is a normal life event, that breastfeeding is a human right, and that bonding early with your child is the foundation of a lifelong loving and trusting relationship. My desire is to share these beliefs with families, soon-to-be parents, and educators through education and play with MamAmor Dolls.


Our Team


Our team is made up of dedicated and loving mamas committed to creating the best quality product using the best possible materials available. We're located in Western Canada and work independently and together. Anne, Shirley, Moumenah, and I are proud to bring all these mamas and babies to life for you to enjoy. Thank you for considering MamAmor Dolls!


Mama helper Anne, and one of her sons.


 Mama helper Shirley.


Mama helper Moumenah