The New VBAC doll

January 28, 2014

Our VBAC dolls are becoming very popular these days, and we are very grateful for the praise and great feedback that we are receiving from MamAmor VBAC owners.  We are hearing that our VBAC dolls are not only great for demonstration proposes, but also for healing proposes, and that is really meaningful to us.

The idea of the VBAC dolls came from one of you, a while ago, a mom who wanted a doll that would help her to show her children their birth journeys, one via cesarean, and one VBAC. Once we shared this concept with the rest of our friends, more and more of them started to request VBAC dolls, and then the VBAC dolls were added to our doll collection. 

Today, we have VBAC dolls living all over the world, from Taiwan to London, to Sidney to Argentina, to thousands of places through the US and even some in South Africa! When we decided to create these dolls, we asked our community if they wanted the incision to be done with velcro or with zipper, and the great majority wanted velcro. Then we went with the velcro, making some custom dolls with zipper, here and there, but deciding that the original VBAC dolls were all going to be created with velcro.

A few weeks ago, we asked our community again, but this time, and the great majority voted for zippers. There are many reasons why velcro is better for some moms, and there are many reasons why zippers are better for other moms, they are very personal reasons related to their own birthing experiences, which we respect completely. So we decided that the best thing was to have both options in our store, VBAC dolls with velcro and VBAC dolls with zippers.

But that was not all, we also thought that adding a VBAC doll with a closed scar would be good as well, for those who want to talk about cesarean birth with their children or clients, but without the actual demonstration.

Please visit our shop to see the 3 versions of VBAC dolls that we'll have from now on, we want to represent all moms and all birthing experiences, and this is how we do it. Leave a comment below telling us which option is best for you. Thank you! vbac options collage