December 02, 2016


Enjoy the beautiful birth art, and support the artists in any way you can.

Peace on earth starts at birth, the world needs to see more of this. Please share!

Happy Holiday Season!



1)  Set of 5 Cards ~  Amanda Greavette

A set of 5 festive cards, each uniquely created around the mother and child theme. Perfect for adding to a gift, or as a gift themselves for Christmas or the holidays. These little wintery illustrations can be found in Amanda's Etsy shop, along with her large birth oil paintings, prints, and cards.


2)  Juno Lucina Goddess of Midwifery Sculpture ~  BrigidsGrove

This handmade Story Goddess carries the energy of Juno Lucina, the Roman goddess of fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. Said to watch over pregnant women and birthing women, she is one of the goddesses of midwives. She is cast in resin and colored with russet (red) mica pigment. Her silver-tone belt carries a moss agate stone bead. Moss agate is known as the midwife's stone and is said to be associated with fertility, abundance, growth, and strength. The charm is a rose-gold tone tree of life which represents the midwife's connection to the life force as well as making a thematic connection the placenta and its vital role.


3)  2017 Birth Art Calendar ~  Amy Haderer

This calendar features thirteen full-color original art pieces © Amy Haderer ( Each month lists holidays and moon cycles, which can sometimes be helpful for birth workers! Makes a perfect gift for your favorite doula, midwife, mama, or birth junkie, plus after 2017 you can upcycle it, frame it, hang it, or use it to decorate other things (journals, greeting cards, etc).


4) Personalize Birthing Dolls ~ MamAmor Dolls

Beautiful birth and breastfeeding dolls that you can personalize! Choose skin color, eye color, hair and dress colors. You can name your doll and choose a color of the sling. Dolls take 7 to 10 days to be created.


5) Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy and Labor ~ Lauren Tannehill

Using visualization techniques can reduce fear and release tension, which can promote relaxation and, in turn, reduce pain. They are a QUICK AND EASY way to connect with your baby and visualize the birth of your dreams! With affirmations like "I'm in Charge of my Birth" or "I deserve a Pleasurable Birth", Empowering Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Cards are a gift for any woman, no matter what way you decide to give birth! Home birth, scheduled C-section, induction, water birth, unassisted birth, Birth Center, etc.


6) Breastmilk Crystal ~ JoBri Milk Charms

This Crystal holds your very own professionally preserved Breastmilk hand wrapped with over 2 ft of solid sterling wire solid sterling silver chain included.