November 27, 2018

Sometimes all you need is a great teaching tool!

Introducing: Oasis Elite Doll Birth Pool, the first and only doll birth pool in the market!

Imagine how easy learning and teaching water birth just became!

The Oasis Elite Doll Birth Pool is the result of an idea that Debra from and I started cooking years ago when we met at a birth conference in Oregon. We wanted to design a mini pool that would look like the Oasis Elite Water Birth Pool, and that would fit our Classic birthing dolls

We started this collaboration project over the summer, and we are now ready to ship!

The Oasis Elite Doll Birth Pool is a fantastic teaching tool for families wanting to go for a water birth, for Doulas to use in pre-natals, and for Midwives to teach, to do demos, and to have available at their practices.

Fits our dolls, and any other 18 inch doll or stuff animal ( can use it with other toys as well). 

Watch these videos to see the pools in action, and order yours today!