February 18, 2016



Meghann has been making hair clips for our dolls since 2011. She combines colors, textures and shapes beautifully, we love them all.  Meghann's clips are now a permanent feature, we can't imagine our dolls without them!  


Here is a bit more about Meghann.


1) How did you find out about MamAmor dolls?


I stumbled across Mamamor Dolls on Facebook through one of my natural birthing pages, and then happened to see her booth at a local trade show and was surprised to learn they were made in the same city I was living in at the time... Edmonton, Alberta!    


2) When did you start making hair clips for MamAmor? What do you like the most about the job?


As I followed Mamamor, and already having a hair accessory business,  I began to imagine the dolls wearing cute flower clips in their hair.  I messaged Adriana about it and, lo and behold,  she had been thinking along the same lines!  (I don't know how long we've been working together for.... 3 years I think, almost 4?)  I love working for Mamamor Dolls for two reasons. First, I adore the natural birthing process and I love what Mamamor does in educating young ones and others about birth.  Secondly, I love the creative process in making my flower creations and Adriana pretty much gives me free reign in designing them.  I find it relaxing and fun and a bit of an escape from my stay at home mom role! 


3) Can you tell us something about you and about your family?


My husband of 17 years and I and our 3 kids live in St Albert. I absolutely love everything about birth and breastfeeding!   I've had 2 water births and one dry birth but all in different environments, a hospital with a doula, a birth center with a midwife and a home birth with a midwife.  I'm a busy homeschooling, stay at home/work from home mom.  I love cooking (and cooking shows!), crafting, travelling, biking, and learning.  I look forward to many more adventures as my kids get older. 


4) What do you like the most about MamAmor's brand and products?


I'm crazy about Mamamor Dolls.  I have 3...a classic custom made one, a mini, and a toddler.   From the moment you hold one in person, you can see the amount of love and care put into each doll. The quality is impeccable and from working with Adriana, I know the process that goes into each doll...the pride of workmanship is obvious. These are dolls to be enjoyed now and be passed on to the next generation. I guess my next goal is to get a Papamor and maybe a puppy!! Haha


Meghann also creates beautiful hair clips for real people, you can see her work here.