MamAmor Classic vs MamAmor Mini

October 03, 2014

MamAmor Dolls launched a simplified version of our Classic MamAmor Doll last week and we were delighted with the response. These beautiful dolls are just as charming as the original with slightly different features. Below you will find our comparison to the two dolls and you can decide which doll is right for you and your family.  

                MamAmor Classic                                                                MamAmor Mini

  • Demonstrate birth, in a variety of presentations, through an opening.
  • Demonstrate birth, in different presentations, through her opening.
  • Demonstrate breastfeeding with her round breasts and snaps for nipples which correspond to the snap on the baby's mouth.
  • Have simplified embroidered breasts and nipples to dolls encourage role play.
  • Have snaps for the placenta and umbilical cord, and for the mama to hold the baby.
  • Do not have small snaps or pieces, so they are perfect for little hands.
  • Are huggable and substantial in size. 18 inches long.
  • Are lighter weight, welcoming snuggles and are easy for little ones to tote around. 13 inches long.
  • Have thick, soft, luxurious hand spun wool hair from Uruguay.
  •  Have hand spun hair, but not quite as much.
  • Have babies with matching hair who come with a placenta, umbilical cord, and a formed baby with hair.
  • Have babies with matching hair and an abstracted body shape, nurturing creative play.
  • Can be ordered custom to your preferences.
  • Available on a limited basis as is.
  • Come with a beautiful outfit in a variety of prints. Accessories, such as slings, rebozos, sweaters and more clothes are also available in addition to the doll.
  • Come with a simplified sling and a beautiful cotton dress.


Both dolls inspire play and are meant to help normalize birth and breastfeeding. You may be a mother, a childcare provider or play a nurturing role in a child's life. Or you may be a doula, a midwife, lactation consultant or childbirth educator. Whatever your circumstance you will find both the MamAmor Classic and the MamAmor Mini a useful and practical educational tool and companion. Both hand crafted and one of a kind, you can purchase the MamAmor that suits your needs at MamAmor's Shop. today.