MamAmor Mini - Work in progress

August 26, 2014

Through the years, we received several requests for a smaller, simpler, more economical doll, that would still give birth and breastfeed as our classic MamAmor doll.  We listened, and we started the process of creation of MamAmor Mini. Creating a smaller, simpler and more economical doll hasn't been easy. We needed to think about materials, hours of labour involved and a much simpler - less detailed pattern. So far, we know that MamAmor Mini will be about 13-14 inches toll, that she will have an opening for a baby to come out, and that she will have embroidered nipples. She won't have many of the details of the classic MamAmor doll, but she will give birth and breastfeed, as the main feature. The version of the baby will be much simpler than the classic MamAmor doll's baby, and he won't come with placenta and cord. MamAmor mini will come with a dress, a baby carrier and a receiving blanket for the baby. MamAmor Mini isn't ready yet, but we thought we would share with you what we have so far.  As Tara Gentile says: "Great Products aren't born as final products",  so our work in progress continues. More to come in future posts. Stay connected, and let us know what you think! IMG_0003IMG_0001IMG_0005