Who buys MamAmor dolls?

May 29, 2014

A Doll for Children and Future Siblings

47% of MamAmor Dolls are purchased for children. Developed for this purpose they are a powerful tool for sibling preparation: simple and useful tool to explain birth in as much or as little detail as desired. Role play allows children to come to their own understanding about birth and helps to normalize it. They demonstrate birthing, breastfeeding, babywearing, and can represent family values customized to each need. They show families with ethnic diversity within them and can be customized to be a perfect match for each situation.  For a child, male or female, curious about birth these dolls are the perfect tool to answer questions truthfully while keeping it simple.

“Above all [I purchased our doll] for the choice of beautiful dolls of many ethnicities. I am Caucasian and I breastfeed my adopted daughter, who has dark skin. Her birth mother carried her in her womb but was unable to breastfeed her. My goal is to build a family of dolls to represent my daughter, the mother that birthed her, and the mother that nursed her” –MamAmor Doll owner

“I have always wanted one as they looked amazing. I found the perfect opportunity when I was expecting my second child and wanted to use it as a teaching tool for him to understand more about birth.” –MamAmor Doll owner

“[The doll is] beautiful and it shows my little girls that birth and breastfeeding is natural and wonderful.” –MamAmor Doll owner

“[I purchased] for my daughter to have a doll that represented her family (black/white child, white mom).” –MamAmor Doll owner

“I am expecting my 2nd child and want my 21-month-old to be able to explore the concept of pregnancy and birth as well as his role as a big brother.” –MamAmor Doll owner

“I love handmade items, particularly dolls. I wanted my children to have one that promoted birth and breastfeeding. Plus, it came with a placenta! (A big thing for The Placenta Lady)” –MamAmor Doll owner


A Doll for the Mother Herself

The second largest reason a MamAmor doll is purchased is by a mother for herself. These dolls can help celebrate birth victories as well as being a comforting companion on a healing journey for mothers whose births did not go according to plan. They are a symbol of a season of life and can embody, with softness and beauty, a specific period. From celebrating their own stories to overcoming painful traumas mamas like to have these dolls for themselves as well as for children.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE these dolls. I originally saw them at a conference and fell in love with both them and Adriana! The dolls are beautiful, handmade, and contribute to education and empowerment of women and children in celebration of birth. They embody the spirit of the beauties in life about which I am most passionate.” –MamAmor Doll owner

“[I wanted a MamAmor Doll] to celebrate my twin births” –MamAmor Doll owner

“Wanted to honor myself as a mama and wanted my son to have a doll that demonstrated his journey.” –MamAmor Doll owner

“I wanted a special reminder of my last birth. And I've wanted one for a long time.” –MamAmor Doll owner


A Phenomenal Gift

The third most popular reason MamAmor Dolls are purchased is for family members and friends These dolls are a wonderful gift for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters, etc. Perfect for children whose mothers are expecting or for a new mother herself. Unique stories can be, and continue to be, celebrated with equally unique MamAmor dolls.

“It's a wonderful teaching tool for kids, they very naturally learn about pregnancy and birth” –MamAmor Doll owner

“…I like the idea of a doll that can have a baby and give birth and breastfeed him afterwards. It is instructive, realistic and beautiful and good for my children to play with.” –MamAmor Doll owner


Birthing and Breastfeeding Professionals

In addition to being used for play, MamAmor dolls are a powerful tool for birthing and breastfeeding professionals. They demonstrate birthing, breastfeeding, and babywearing in a non-intimidating way. A variety of birthing positions, breastfeeding positions, and presentations of baby can be demonstrated. Used by midwives and doulas and even in teen pregnancy centers these dolls are making the process of becoming a mother more relatable. Sometimes they are purchased as gifts for Midwives and Doulas, and Childbirth and Breastfeeding Educators. These people play an important role in childbirth advocacy and supporting women through some of the most magical seasons of life and the bond that is created at this time is truly profound. A MamAmor Doll is a heartfelt gift to say thank you and is useful as an educational tool in their practices.

“I purchased MamAmor Dolls for my friend who is an aspiring midwife and for another friend who is an OB/GYN because all OBs should have a doll like this!” –MamAmor Doll owner

“I purchased my doll for teaching purposes [sexual health educator].” –MamAmor Doll owner

“My midwife meant so much to me and I wanted her to have a unique and special gift.” –MamAmor Doll purchaser

"My daughter and I so enjoy our Mamamor dolls. Each doll is so unique and has her own personality. I appreciate their resilient construction from natural materials--this adds to their beauty and ensures they will last generations. I take pride in providing my daughter with such a beautiful and fun way to learn about women's bodies and the wonder of motherhood. I also use these dolls in my local pregnancy and parenting group to demonstrate the basic positions baby makes in birth, breastfeeding, and baby wearing. Mamamor dolls aren't just beautiful (though they certainly are that) they are also practical and fun for the whole family." MamAmor Doll owner

From children grasping new (to them) concepts through the magic of play, to the midwife working with teen moms to prepare for her birth, to the mother standing victorious in her birthing victory and another mother stepping past her pain, MamAmor dolls are touching the hearts of thousands all around the world.

Written by Heather Pinay . Educator, artist, designer and mother of 3.