April 17, 2014

Sales are great...who doesn't love sales right?  But, why we don't do more sales? We don't do sales very often or we would be out of business! Our margins are small, and we support a lot of people. Sales are hard for small businesses like us, especially because sales can damage the brand and reputation of a business. But sometimes, sales are necessary and appropriate for some reason, as this 24 hours only sale is for example. Our business has been suffering a lot these last few months due to Facebook's change of algorithm, which left us with a huge lack of exposure. Facebook has been our best platform to grow and communicate with our audience since we started, but now that has been compromised. We knew that this was coming, but we didn't think that it was going to hit us so hard. We have been paying to boost some posts, but we can't do this very often. At this point, we are working on new ways to keep spreading the word about our dolls, and here is where you come to play a role. We know that the best way to share the value and beauty of our dolls is through word of mouth, which could mean in person, or via social media. And who isn't in social media these days? If you like what we do, and if you think that our business is worth to have around, please give us a hand by telling people that we exist, your greatness will come around. We would like to keep creating new dolls, but we can't do this if we don't find homes for the dolls that are in stock right now.  Would you help us? Creating new dolls will mean more work for the ladies from Zona Franca Masili in Nicaragua, who work Fair Trade making the bodies and clothing of some of our dolls. Creating new dolls will mean more work for Anne and Nancy, our mama helpers here in Canada, who take care of hair, faces, some clothing and some work on custom dolls. Creating more dolls will also mean more work for Graciela and Mabel, who knit the cardigans and shoes for all our dolls, and for Meghann, who loves making hair clips for our sweet mamas. If you would like to keep seeing new dolls around, VISIT OUR SHOP today and give a MamAmor a new home, they are all ON SALE for 24 hours only.  Sales ends tomorrow Friday April 18th at 4PM (MST). If you would like to help us spreading the word about MamAmor, click on the SOCIAL MEDIA icons below and share the love. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  

24 hour sale