Caring for your MamAmor doll

March 11, 2014

Everyone knows that MamAmor dolls are made with top quality materials, and everyone knows that the main ingredient is love.  Aside from that really important ingredient,  here is what's in your doll and how to care for it.


The fabric we use for our dolls is cotton interlock coming from Weir Crafts  in US. We tried cotton interlock from several providers in the past but the cotton from Weir Crafts has the best quality so far.


We tried several types of fiberfill for filling and we settled for the fiber coming from Nusso Textiles in Toronto, Ontario.  They know our product and they make sure they send us their best fiber.  For customers that request different types of fillings for their custom dolls, we use bamboo and kapok.

HAIR (my favorite!)

If you appreciate good quality wool, you'll love the hair of our dolls! Pure wool from Manos del Uruguay, organic and fair trade. 90% of the wool is from Manos, but occasionally, when we don't have the colors or textures requested for our custom dolls, we purchase other types of wool locally, or at Michaels.


The majority of the doll's clothes are made with cotton and flannels, but sometimes we try other fabrics and textures, depending on availability and requests. Cardigans and shoes are made with cotton and wool, and slings and rebozos with a combination of fabrics of different origins.


1- Wet a clean cloth in warm soapy water and spot wash your doll. Use neutral soap or a natural soap without color or fragrance 2- If your doll needs a full wash, submerge her body, arms and legs in a pail full of warm soapy water and let her soak for about an hour. Spot wash if needed. 3- Pull out and gently squeeze the water off the doll's body, arms and legs. 4- If you can avoid washing the wool from the hair is best, but if  you can't, submerge the hair as well. 5- Air dry on top of a clean and dry towel.  It might take a day or two to dry completely, depending on where you live (dry or humid climate) 6- DO NOT wash the doll in a washing machine, and DO NOT dry in a dryer either. 7- Wash clothes, cardigans and shoes by hand, and air dry. 8- Babies, toddlers, PapAmor and kids doll's can be washed and dried in the same manner. If you have any questions about how to care for your MamAmor doll, leave a comment here or contact us via email.