Giving a hand to a grieving mom

February 25, 2014

This is a sad story, but a story that needs to be told. Back in December 2013, Michelle Dorendahl purchased a MamAmor doll from our shop, a sweet blonde mama with a pink dress. In January, she purchased a little blonde girl doll. Both dolls arrived in Australia in January 2014. A couple of days ago, Michelle contacted me to tell me how comforting having the dolls by her bed has been for her after the loss of her 4 year old daughter. I was in shock. I learned later that Eeva had gone missing with her dad on January 11th, and that their bodies were found more than two weeks later near Pottsville, Australia.  Eeva never had the chance to meet or play with her new dolls, but Michelle is sure she would have loved them. Michelle is now 37 weeks pregnant. Imagine the pain of losing a child and having to stay strong to welcome a new baby! Please continue reading if you would like to help. I have started a fundraising campaign to help Michelle with Memorial and related expenses. You can make a donation (any amount) and get a chance to win an incentive item at the same time. The items listed in the fundraising page are donations/incentives from us and other business owners. The way this works is that when you make a donation of any amount to help Michelle,  you automatically enter for a chance to win one of the incentive items listed on the fundraising page.  Click here TO DONATE ANY AMOUNT If you are a business owner and would like to donate one of  your products/services/ vouchers, etc. as an incentive, let me know, I will happily add it to the list. Thanks for helping Michelle and her new baby. Thanks for sharing this story with your family and friends. Donations of any amount are accepted HERE. Thank you. Eeva D.