Blocked in Facebook for posting born in the caul photos

February 13, 2014

This morning, our Facebook Page was blocked from posting anything until further notice. According to Facebook, one of our posts was not following their guidelines (didn't say exactly which one), so we are being punished for a while. The article in case was posted last week, and it is about the meaning (for different cultures) of being born in the caul. The article is in Spanish, and the photos speak for themselves. birth in caul   Facebook is a business and we have to respect their guidelines, however, it is very sad that their guidelines exclude normal things in life such a birth or breastfeeding.  Being able to share photos like these with the world is important to normalize birth, BIRTH IS NORMAL, and being born in the caul is very special. banned for sharing birth photos   Our guidelines are different, so enjoy the photos and the article about the meaning of being born in a caul.  without restrictions.