Are VBAC dolls right for you?

January 14, 2014

MamAmor VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) dolls can: - Give birth vaginally - Give birth via cesarean (velcro opens and baby can come out) -Breastfeed -Carry their babies in a sling or a carrier
 vbac options collage

MamAmor VBAC dolls are PERFECT FOR YOU if you:

- want to teach your child about the different ways babies can be born.

- are trying to have a VBAC, and want to explain to your cesarean birth child how she/he was born, and how you are hoping your next baby will be born.

- have had a cesarean birth or a VBAC birth and want tell your child her/his own birth story.

- have had only cesarean births and want to explain to your child/children the cesarean procedure without being too graphic.

- have had a cesarean birth and you are still emotionally struggling to accept the event, VBAC dolls can be very comforting and can be a healing companion in    your healing journey.

- are a Doula, Midwife or Childbirth Educator and want an educational tool to teach your clients about the differences between a cesarean birth and VBAC.