February 04, 2013

I am not a can tell, but I like this space a lot, as it gives me the chance to hear from you.

Get ready to elaborate for this great opportunity!...a new Giveaway!

Meet ANASTASIA!!! She is a gorgeous birthing and breastfeeding MamAmor doll...and she can be yours!!!


ANASTASIA comes with a baby, dress, shoes, headband, hair clip, rebozo, a diaper bag with extra diapers and blankets to change the baby, and a bonus Nursing Toddler!!!!!
Value in dollars: $ 245 plus Shipping
Educational Value: Priceless



Why ANASTASIA should be yours?

This is your chance to be creative! Use videos, comments, photos, posters....whatever you think it will be convincing. Post only here, not in Facebook or anywhere else, this is a blog offer only, don't miss this chance!


BE AWARE:  THIS IS NOT A DRAW....I will pick the winner myself (with the help of my kids). I want to hear your reasons, please be clear, honest and tell me exactly why you want ANASTASIA. It doesn't matter HOW, it matters WHY.

Do your best so I pick YOU!!!

How to ENTER?

1- THINK about all the reasons why ANASTASIA deserves to be yours. Wait...don't post just yet...sleep on it and give me your best answer after you...

2- SHARE the news with your friends, family, colleagues , Facebook's friends, Tweeter friends, Google+ friends and pin MamAmor in Pinterest!!!!  Please be honest, your choice to share or not will weigh in our decision to send ANASTASIA to live with you. This is a win win give, we give! Giving is wonderful!

3- SUBSCRIBE to MamAmor's! I mean quarterly Newsletter! Don't worry, I don't share my list....with anyone! BE PART of MamAmor Dolls wonderful community!

3- Now....Go ahead, and let me know WHY you want ANASTASIA to be yours in the comment box below!

A few rules:

- This opportunity is open to everyone around the world (please try to do this in English or Spanish if possible).

- Free shipping worldwide

- One entry per family

- Deadline is Valentines Day- Feb. 14th, 2013 at 11:59PM

- Winner will be posted here on February 15th and she/he will have 3 full days to get back to me. If winner doesn't show up on time, I will choose another winner.

About Posting here:



I am aware that many of you had difficulties posting in blogger before, but this is the best platform available to me at this point, so the Giveaway will be hosted only here. I hope you can find the way to post here, believe me, it will be worth your time!

Entries posted in Facebook or via email will not be considered for this Giveaway.  Please, post ONLY here.

Thank you!!! Good luck everyone!!
And Happy Love Day!

PS  Don't be disappointed if you don't win, there will be other opportunities to win a MamAmor!  I know this will a very difficult decision to make, but I want to give it a try! Can't wait to hear from you!