MamAmor Mama Helpers: Featuring Alison

August 17, 2015



Alison helps with the creation of the MamAmor Minis, the Dogs, sling, baby diapers and blankets, and many other of our doll's accessories. Here is a bit more about Alison.


1) How did you find out about MamAmor dolls?

I think my doula posted a link to the MamAmor website on Facebook.


2) When did you start sewing for MamAmor? What do you like the most about the job?

I've been sewing for MamAmor since October 2014. I enjoy creating and sewing and I have been making and collecting dolls since I was a teenager so this is a dream job for me! I'm also encouraged to come up with my own ideas and designs to add to the Mamamor family, which is exciting after having been an admirer for so long.


3) Can you tell us something about you and about your family?

I am married and we have a six year old daughter.


4) What do you like the most about MamAmor's brand and products?

I like that each doll is hand made from the best quality materials. So much care and attention go into each doll and accessory. I love that they present birth and breastfeeding as normal. We have always been straight-forward with our daughter about how babies grow and are born. It's wonderful for her to have a doll that she can use to act out pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. The dolls themselves are so cuddly and fun to play with. My daughter adores them and would like to keep everything I make, which is the highest compliment there is for a toy.


Alison has her own Etsy shop where she sells some other beautiful creations.