Top 10 Pinterest Boards for the Birthing, Breastfeeding and Babywearing Mama

September 16, 2015

Pinterest, it’s a funny thing isn’t it?

It eats my time and yet it feels more productive than other social media platforms. Having spent several hours a week browsing through pins for the last four years, I can’t say for sure that I have become a better parent, a more informed birth professional or a more connected individual, but I can certainly say that I have learnt some pretty neat tips and read numerous articles that have made me see things from a new perspective.

I wouldn’t want my hard work of pinning to go to waste, so here are my top ten Pinterest boards that I think you might like.


1- The Happy Womb. Lucy Pearce.

It was hard to pick a favourite board from the vast collection kept by writer Lucy Pearce. Her Pinterest account really is a work of art, it feels almost curated. The Happy Womb is a beautiful collection of womb wisdom, birth inspiration and birth art.

2- Natural Toys. Juno Magazine.

Juno Magazine is a British natural parenting magazine and is my bi-monthly treat to myself. They also happen to keep some inspiring and informative Pinterest boards. This one has a plethora of natural toy ideas, from simple handmade beaded bubble wands to really special heirloom toys.

3- Children’s art activities. Artful Kids.

There are in excess of 900 pins on this board alone, with creative activities for all ages from babies to teens. Some lovely, unique ideas, challenges and projects.

4- Birth Without Fear. January Harshe.

January is the awesome force behind the hugely successful and empowering Birth Without Fear blog. As you would expect, this board is absolutely chock full of birth stories, affirmations and articles to while away your time, whether you are an expectant mama, a birthworker, or just love the power of childbirth.

5- Anna in the Playroom.

Another prolific pinner, Anna has over 230 boards full of ways to have fun with your children. I love her garden board, with its homemade swings, gardening ideas for little ones and nature activities. With summer in full swing this is a brilliant time to check out this board.

6- La Furgoteta.

La Furgoteta is a brilliant Pinterest account based on travelling with children, but it is her babywearing board that really stands out for me. With beautiful and diverse pictures of babywearing and slings from all over the world, it is a perfect reminder that wherever we may be, we all naturally want to keep our babies close.

7- Ali Dover.

The obscenely talented Ali Dover not only is an accomplished photographer but also designs her own line of baby wraps and carriers. Her board simply titled Mother is a collection of heartbreakingly beautiful photographs of mothers and their children. There is beauty in every mother and child dyad and this board is testament to that.

8- Etsy Love. Wild and Grizzly.

I love Etsy, I love knowing that I am supporting a small business and at the same time buying something unique. But, I find I can so easily end up going round and round in circles, never quite finding what I am looking for. Lori at Wild and Grizzly has clearly perfected the art of discovering amazing things on Etsy, from toddler clothes to homeware, everything she has pinned here is to die for.

9- Madame Goutte.

A wonderful board of all things boob! From gorgeous breastfeeding paintings, to sage and solid advice, by way of Breastfeeding Problems Solved by the Muppets!

10-  MamAmor Dolls. MamAmor. A comprehensive overview of our handcrafted dolls. Please do check us out and follow us, we’d love to follow you back.


Victoria Machin - UK

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