Doula Talk on Facebook Live

During the month of February 2018, we'll be doing a series of Facebook Lives about Doulas and their profession.

Join us LIVE or watch the REPLAY on our Facebook Page.



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October 10, 2018

MY mom use to make clothing for a living before she retire so yea her skills was past on to me of course I never made my own clothes before but I just love making doll clothes. I always wanted to start my own business one day. Because of my disability I am unable to work out side of my home god knows I have tried but I did land a lot of interviews but once the saw how i walk they just decided not to hire me anyway enough of that. Your article inspired me to turn my passion of making a doll clothes into a business I am seriously thinking that I could open an online doll clothes store and my be sell doll shoes too lol thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us.

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