June 14, 2018


Chances are you’ve attended, or maybe even hosted a baby shower at some point in your lifetime. During these celebrations, expectant or new mothers are showered with gifts to help with their transition into parenthood and unborn or newborn babies are introduced to the mother’s family and friends.

But, the westernized baby showers we are familiar with can take many different forms across cultures. For example, the Navajo or Native American culture is recognized for its sacred pre-birth tradition, known as a Blessingway, which celebrates a woman’s transformation into motherhood.

Unlike a baby shower which focuses mostly on the soon-to-be or newly born baby, Blessingway ceremonies focus on nurturing the mother-to-be by instilling her with love and confidence as she awaits the arrival of her child. Surrounded by her closest friends and family, the soon-to-be mother participates in her choice of activities.

These activities can include craft making, creating birth art, massages, conducting cultural ceremonies, and much more. Guests also have the option to offer handmade or inexpensive personal gifts to the guest of honor.

At MamAmor, we understand the importance of preparing expectant mothers for the life-changing journey of childbirth – that’s why each of our handcrafted dolls is customized to suit their unique needs.

If you’ve been invited to attend a baby shower or a Blessingway ceremony, or simply want to give a meaningful gift to an expectant mother, MamAmor dolls are always a great option. For group events, everyone can contribute to the purchase and offer the doll as a collective gift; this will reduce the cost per person and provide the honored guest with a thoughtful and memorable keepsake from her closest loved ones.

Our one-of-a-kind product will be specially designed to resemble the mother, allowing her to visualize herself throughout her journey into motherhood. For an expectant mother who already has children, or plans to have more, MamAmor dolls are also a powerful educational tool for sibling preparation.

In any culture, motherhood is a rite of passage that marks a significant life transition. In traditional Navajo Blessingways, mothers-to-be are honored and nurtured through various physical and emotional means. The guests share personal stories to instill confidence in and empower the expectant mother, as well as offer support. The sacred ceremony is intended to leave the expectant mother full of love, strength, confidence, and a strong belief in her ability to give birth to her baby.

Customized MamAmor Blessingway dolls are a meaningful, personalized gift that can facilitate these intentions and empower soon-to-be mothers as they transition into a new life stage.

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