January 19, 2018


In today’s mass-produced world, uniqueness is a valuable thing. MamAmor has recognized this value since day one, which is why we offer a product that is exclusive to you. Our carefully handcrafted birthing, breastfeeding, VBAC, and family dolls are more than just a thoughtfully produced product, they are a reflection of mothers, fathers, children, and families everywhere.


Like our customers, each doll is special in its own way. Using MamAmor’s Custom Doll Ordering Form, you can select your doll’s skin color, eye color, hair color and style, as well as clothing. The baby dolls are designed to resemble their associated mother doll but can be easily modified to suit any preference you may have. For even more personal touch, you can request individual characteristics such as freckles, glasses, tattoos, and accessories for your doll. No two dolls are the same.


Not only can you customize individual dolls, you can also customize entire families. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult for certain groups to find representations of themselves or their families. Inclusivity is very important to us at MamAmor, which is why we accommodate LGBTQ, adoptive, surrogate, and any other type of families. In addition, parents or children who are visually impaired can use our dolls as a tool for textured learning. Whatever your family may look like, we are happy to represent you with our one-of-a-kind dolls.


Nowadays, it’s not always easy to find that perfect personalized gift for someone you care about, but with MamAmor’s custom dolls, you can be sure you’re giving something entirely unique. Expectant or new mothers will appreciate our thoughtful, carefully crafted dolls as they use them to prepare for their journey into motherhood. MamAmor dolls are also a popular and meaningful gift for midwife graduates. Even celebrities can appreciate the inimitability of our dolls. A few years ago, a friend of Alanis Morissette gifted her one of our customizable dolls for the arrival of her first child.

We’ve heard it time and time again – Our customers are overwhelmed by warmth when they hold their customized dolls and see the hard-work, consideration, and care put into making them just right. As a small business operated by dedicated mothers in Canada and across the globe, we’re not driven to sell a product, we’re driven to provide a genuine experience; one that simply cannot be replicated by big business.