March 22, 2021

Our annual World Doula Week SALE is here, and we've got two amazing offers for you, lovely Doulas ❤✨

Offer #1
15% OFF
Use code: DOULA-2021
Offer #2
VBAC dolls
20% OFF
Use code: BV-DOULA-2021
Both offers include 1 Oxytocin Molecule Necklace, as our Gift to YOU ❤
- These offers cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon code.
- Our prices are in Canadian Dollars.
- If you order before March 25th, your doll will be shipped March 26th. If you order after March 25th, your doll will be shipped April 5th (we'll be closed during Spring Break).
- Lamaze Dolls, Dancing for Birth Dolls, and Midwife Dolls are not included.
- This SALE ends March 28th 2021, at midnight (MST).
Happy World Doula Week!