Birthing and Breastfeeding MamAmor LAURIE

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This is a one of a kind - original MamAmor doll that can demonstrate Natural birth and Breastfeeding

This doll was made using premium quality cotton interlock, and was filled with soft and light fiberfill.  The hair is a mix of merino wool and other quality yarns. 

The baby doll comes with a detachable felt placenta, and a metal mouth snap that connects to the mother dolls' breast, to demo breastfeeding.


The set includes:

  • Mother doll 
  • Baby doll
  • Cloth diaper and blanket for the baby doll
  • Doll's pictured outfit
  • Baby doll carrier
  • Signed Birth Certificate


The mother doll is 18 inches tall (46cm) - The baby doll is 5 inches tall (13cm)

*This doll set is suitable for children 3 years old and up- as the set has small parts.

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