Midwife Doll Bag + Accessories

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This set of Midwife Bag + Accessories was created exclusively for MamAmor Dolls. 

The set includes:

1 Midwife doll size bag (color might vary from photos)

1 Doll size Pinard

1 Doll size Maternal Pad

1 Doll size Measuring tape

1 Doll size Mesh panties

1 Doll size (fake) Arnica tablets

1 Doll size Mirror

1 Doll size fabric scale sling


Dolls and babies are not included. If you would like to purchase a Midwife Doll + Accessories please use this listing: https://bit.ly/2HMb96W


Note: Shipping is approximate. We'll refund you if the amount paid exceeds the actual shipping cost. We do not profit from shipping.

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