MamAmor babies for MamAmor dolls

These baby dolls were made to match any MamAmor doll Classic. They can be replacement dolls, or an added doll if you want a twin set that goes with your doll.

They are NOT custom baby dolls, but you might request your prefered hair, skin and eye color. We'll try to match your request as much as possible.

If you prefer a baby doll that matches 100% your requests, please email us and we'll quote you a Custom Baby Doll.

These baby dolls come with a cord-placenta, and a cloth diaper and receiving blanket.

Shipping is approximate, we'll adjust the total and we'll refund you if you overpay.

Mother doll in the photo is not included.

*Suitable for children 3 years old and up as the set has small parts.

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