Storytelling and Healing


MamAmor dolls are wonderful tools for storytelling, comfort and healing.

MamAmor dolls can help women heal from births that did not go as planned, and women who have experienced childbirth as traumatic. 

Read this beautiful birth story that includes a VBAC MamAmor doll:


A story of healing after grief – a Homebirth after Caesarean


MamAmor dolls are also wonderful toys to help parents to tell their child's birth story through play. 

Tell your child's birth story with MamAmor dolls!

Photo Adam Pinay



“I remember the first time I saw the Mamamor dolls. It is difficult to describe the overwhelming connection I made to these incredibly beautiful mamas. Since that time I have witnessed others having that same kind of response. I have encouraged midwives to have them on hand for therapeutic use. Women seem to open up about their births in such a peaceful way when they are holding these dolls. Then there is the fabulous opportunity for education for young girls. My granddaughters watch the website for new mamas. We love them all.”  Carla Harley


"I just wanted to say a huge, no, a massive thank you for our beautiful Rosie.  She is truly amazing.  I have always loved dolls but she is just special.  I held my breath when I opened the box and I was so overwhelmed with her beauty.  Hugging her, I felt a true bond - just what I needed. So thank you Adriana from the bottom of my heart."  Louise Musson