MamAmor VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) dolls

MamAmor dolls were created to help birthing families prepare their children for the arrival of new siblings, and to provide birthing and breastfeeding professionals with a tool to teach birth, breastfeeding and babywearing.

MamAmor dolls are great for children that are curious about birth, girls or boys, anywhere in the world. When you child asks you a question about birth or breastfeeding, remember MamAmor dolls, and give her/him the gift of discovering the beauty of birth and breastfeeding through play.


MamAmor VBAC dolls are PERFECT FOR YOU if you:

- want to teach your child the different ways babies can be born.

- are trying to have a VBAC, and want to explain to your cesarean birth child how she/he was born, and how you are hoping your next baby will be born.

- have had a cesarean birth or a VBAC birth and want tell your child her/his own birth story.

- have had only cesarean births and want to explain to your child/children the cesarean procedure without being too graphic.

- have had a cesarean birth and you are still emotionally struggling to accept the event, VBAC dolls can be very comforting and can be a healing companion in your healing journey.

- are a Doula, Midwife or Childbirth Educator and want an educational tool to teach your clients about the differences between a cesarean birth and VBAC.


MamAmor VBAC dolls can: