This is BLISS, a new doll by MamAmor, created exclusively for Dancing For BirthTM

BLISS is ready to dance during all three trimesters of her pregnancy. It's beneficial for BLISS and for her baby. Her beautiful coin scarf accentuates her hip movements with percussive sound. Her dancing veil also doubles as her baby carrier. When she kicks off her shoes to dance she reveals painted toenails.

Once she's in labor, BLISS takes the lead and dances to bring ease and bliss to her birth. Her labor support team joins in the fun! 
BLISS can dance her baby out!  She can birth her baby (complete with umbilical cord and placenta) into her own hands or those of her birth team.

After her baby is born, Bliss can breastfeed her baby. Her baby 'latches on' utilizing a snap.

Bliss can also dance while wearing her baby. Dancing together helps her baby develop balance and equilibrium.

This doll is perfect for demonstrating or playing Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding and Babywearing. 

BLISS was made with love by women in Canada, using top quality cotton interlock for skin, fiberfill for filling and merino yarn for her gorgeous hair. 
  • Mama doll 
  • baby doll including detachable umbilical cord and placenta
  • blanket and diaper for baby 
  • dancing top/nursing top
  • coin hip scarf
  • dancing pants
  • dancing veil/baby carrier
  • flower hair clip
  • Dancing For Birth pendant 
  • shoes 
  • birth certificate
Mother doll is 18 inches tall (46cm), Baby doll is 5 inches tall (13cm)

This doll is made to order. Production time is currently 10-15 days.
Please CHOOSE: Birthing and Breastfeeding, or VBAC doll from the drop down menu.

*Suitable for children 3 years old and up with adult supervision as the set has small parts. 

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Bliss is Beautiful!

From head to toe, Bliss is a work of art. Everything about her makes me smile, just as she is smiling all the time. I love her vivid wardrobe in the trademark colors presented in the Dancing for Birth logo. The detail of her Dancing for Birth necklace is the real thing, and her dancing jingle skirt is a miniature real thing. Her hair is amazing and her booties lace up. Wow!
A child playing with her has the opportunity to be a Dancing for Birth instructor, a mother dancing in preparation for birth, a nursing mother, a mom dancing with her infant wrapped across her chest, a doula, a midwife, a nurse taking Dancing for Birth Training...So much fun and empowerment can be imagined and expressed. This will certainly be the first generation of girls playing with a doll that you can make dance in pretend labor and then dance your baby right out! This creatively designed doll is educational, beautifully handmade, and something to be treasured. I am so grateful that Bliss was born, and that I can admire her everyday!

Customer Reviews

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