Doula Doll + Doula Accessories Set

This Doula Doll is an original 18 inches MamAmor doll.

She can be a wonderful gift for Doulas starting their careers, graduating, partnering with other Doulas, or/and celebrating themselves as Birth Workers.

This doll does not give birth or breastfeed. 

This Doula Doll comes with dress, shoes, and a set of Doula Accessories that include:

- Doll Doula Bag

- Doll Birthing ball

- Doll Peanut ball

- Doll rebozo

- Felt placenta

- Felt breast

- Doll rice warmers

- Mini doll belly binding by

- Felt placenta capsules

- Felt honey sticks


Please give us 7 days for creation. You can choose skin, eye, and hair color. We'll contact you about dress choices.

* Mother doll, baby doll, PapAmor doll, Oasis Elite Doll birth pool, or anything else not mentioned above are not included. 

Oasis Elite Birth pools will be available in November, 2018

Collections: Doula/ Midwife Dolls

Type: Unknown Type